Bundt Cake

Bunt Cake, strange name for a cake really. Surprisingly the bundt pan is the most sold pan in the US (according to Wikipedia) and I didn’t have one until a few months ago. Michael’s Aunt had 7 and while remodeling her kitchen decided it would be ok to let one go – Thanks Joy – so now I am part of the american trend of bundt cake pan owners. Bundt cakes are fussy. It is really easy to overcook them resulting in a dense dry cake and I surmise my first bundt cake will probably be my worst.

I wanted to try a recipe from a cookbook I love Birthday Cakes for a meyer lemon pound cake. It turns out I didn’t have any lemon herbal tea for the glaze at the end of baking so I switched to a different recipe I had all the ingredients on hand for (strongly suggested by my friend Emily who was hanging out that night). The cake was a buttermilk poppy lemon pound cake and the batter was much more dense than I had ever worked with. I sprayed the pan like crazy since it has more grooves than a traditional bundt pan and stuck it in the oven to bake. I think I eliminated about 5 min of baking because the pan has a dark teflon coating. The cake looked pretty but in my opinion it was too dark. I added a lemon glaze after cooling and then came the taste test….

So so in my opinion. I have made better cakes – but I think the pan is somewhat at fault. I think I’ll try it again sometime and really monitor everything. Some people really liked it and though I have a tendency to be really hard on myself but I don’t think I was terribly hard on myself this time. The cake had good texture and was not overly sweet or overly lemony – it was just a tad bit dry for my liking. Nothing spectacular. I am going to try that other recipe sometime soon though. I love lemon flavored desserts and am up for the challenge of this new bundt pan.


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