Carrot Muffins

In celebration of my new cookbook Baking From My Home to Yours, by Dorie Greenspan I chose to make muffins. Deciding where to start was a little hard since there are about 250 recipes in the book – so I took a logical approach and started in the first section of the book, Breakfast. I had a really hard time deciding between the Carrot Muffin and Almond Scone (which are next by the way) but decided that a carrot muffin sounded better at the time. We also had a lot of fresh carrots from our CSA box so I didn’t have to buy new ingredients. The muffin was (as my friend Nicole would describe) divine.

The muffin had just the right amount of sweet to resemble my favorite cake but did not make me feel like I was eating dessert for breakfast. They rose up beautiful and tall and had an extremely moist and flaky center. They don’t need jam or butter (though my mother – a very big fan of butter – would probably slather butter all over it) since they have a decent amount of fat in them. I also enjoyed the addition of currants rather than raisins which my husband (a raisin hater) liked as well. The combination seemed perfect. I have also found that they grow more flavorful with age, like a good pumpkin bread, as long as you keep them well sealed.

I will be making this muffin recipe often. Thanks Dorie for an amazing start to your cookbook!


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