Maybe the Worst Cookie Ever

Today I completely missed out on my morning caffiene dose (at a project site) so I decided to stop by Starbucks when I returned to the office. Like always, there was a guy outside the store asking for change or whatever else… and he pointedly said “Ma’am would you please by me one of those cookies in there?” and I responded with only a smile and walked inside. There were probably about 6 people in line ahead of me (yes at 11am people still need coffee) so I had time to contemplate.

My first thought was, “Michael would think it irresponsible for me to give this guy something that won’t sustain his health by any means.” Second I thought, “I would probably still want a cookie if I was homeless” and decided to buy him one. They carry different pastries at different times of day so they happend to have two: chocolate chip, and oatmeal with raisins sprinkled over the top. The second choice looked very unappealing like little bugs on a mound of dirt so I opted for the chocolate chip. I ordered my Tall Skinny Decaf Hazelnut Latte. It took a while to get my drink since the little barista was unsure whether or not he used decaf or not… and by the time I walked out the door my cookie receiver had fled the scene. Go figure.
Back to the office I go. My office is a little strange. I work in The Annex of our office (previously called “The Ladies Annex” since four women occupied the space) which is quite nice. It’s quiet – no phone or jazzy elevator music – and a lot more relaxed than the main office. That is a lot of background for this…. one person can’t eat chocolate, one can’t eat sugar, and the other is out sick. That means I am left to eat the cookie myself. Not really a bad thing until you take your first bite. The cookie was absolutely tasteless. I am not sure how you make a bland cookie but somehow Starbucks achieved this. It was just so terrible! They should stick to breakfast related goodies and drinks. Maybe they should not be serving egg sandwiches etc. They are definiely attempting to become the one stop shop – the WalMart of Coffee chains. Really though, it is strange to me how many things they serve for a coffee shop. Pretty soon they may begin offering child care and insurance policies….

Enough of my ranting! Now, off to bake some interesting and hopefully good cookies. (I have faith that anyone could make a cookie better than Starbucks… even from a box).

4 thoughts on “Maybe the Worst Cookie Ever

  1. I did have a delicious gingersnap from Starbucks once. I think you should start carrying cookies in your purse to hand out to homeless people. No one needs cookies health-wise, but they sure make people happy and homeless people need to be happy too!

  2. Starbucks is so manufactured…for this and other reasons, I do not give them my business. I am also the snob in my office who won't eat sweets from the grocery store (so many ingredients….).

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