Maple Pecan Granola

I need to get in the habit of making this granola more often. I did really well for a while and we had home made granola for our yogurt and snacking pleasure… then I fell off the wagon. Time, time, time! Today I found some time to make granola and I used the fabulous recipe courtesy of my mother-in-law, and changed it slightly to reflect the title.

Previously, I made granola with pistachios, coconut, and almonds but needed a change this time. We like the pecan granola from Trader Joe’s except that it is too sweet – so I created my own pecan granola. The recipe is a great base for whatever you might want to add. I substituted maple syrup for honey this time, used half wheat germ and half soy flour (the amounts I had on hand), and added pecans, dried cranberries, and currants. It turned out well, crunchy on the outside and a little chewy on the inside with a nice burst of dried fruit.
I should just schedule the next batch now…
Maple Pecan Granola
4 C rolled oats
2 C wheat flour
1 C soy flour or wheat germ
1 C all purpose flour
1 tsp salt

1/2 C canola oil
1 C maple syrup
1 C water

1 C chopped pecans

–after baking add–
3/4 C dried cranberries
1/4 C currants

Stir together dry ingredients. Add in liquids and mix well. Add nuts and spread onto two large rimmed sheet pans. Bake for 1 1/2 – 2 hours in a 250* oven stirring every 20 minutes. Since this granola is chunkier than the kind you get in the store I often break up the clumps while stirring to give a variety of sizes in the end. After it is finished baking add in your dried fruits and store in an airtight container. Recipe yields about 1 full gallon size ziplock bag (about 9-10 C).

7 thoughts on “Maple Pecan Granola

  1. Je teste la recette en ce moment même. Pour l'instant, cette recette correspond bien à ce que je recherchai. J'ai juste prolongé le temps de cuisson de 15 minutes.Merci de partager une recette de ce que nous appelons en France "cruesli". Les recettes de ce type sur la blogosphère française sont peu courantes car c'est encore quelquechose que nous consommons assez peu ici.Je teste demain dans mon yaourt et je reviens vous donner mes impressions.

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