Wedding Cake Part 2: D-Day

My intention was to update you periodically between may last post and today (which is the day) but I’ve been too busy. I’m not sure why order madness happens all at the same time, but I decided it would be good business to say “yes” to a 3 doz mini cupcake order needed Thursday morning. I may have caused extra stress but it was worth it. The cupcakes turned out well, and I was finally able to try Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frosting for the chocolate cupcakes.

I have only been mildly freaking out this week. Initiated by the delivery of the wrong size pan Monday (luckily corrected by Thursday) I have had some stressful days and headaches. Thankfully, everything is ready for construction today. The wedding is at 5pm and I have most of the day to put the cake together. This is not something I have worried about – it is actually the part I am most looking forward to. My idea is that this is very much like building an architectural model – which I have had way too much practice doing – but using a different medium. I still get to use sticks for structure, and the frosting is the glue…. I hope it all comes together well.
Last night I was a little stumped with my modeling chocolate. I thought maybe I had burned it since it wasn’t coming together, but after some internet research I realized that you just have to work little pieces at a time. My chocolate branches turned out well and I am sure the cake will look lovely with the addition of brown and green orchids.
As long as the cake makes it there in the car I’ll be happy. That is one thing I can’t completely control but am praying for a good outcome. I’ll be sure to show you the final product as soon as possible! Wish me luck!

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