Chocolate Chip (Banana) Bread

I love bananas. I know they are not local food, and sometimes not fair trade… but I can’t break the banana love. I recently inherited some mushy bananas ready for bread making and decided to try this recipe for a change. It comes from a recipe book I really like – though I think this recipe should be moved from breakfast quick breads to a light desserts category.

The bread should be called CHOCOLATE bread with a hint of banana. Michael prefers banana bread with chocolate chips and I prefer it plain and simple. It just seemed a little strange to be eating a slab of chocolate for breakfast. I am pretty sure you could eliminate the bananas all together and possibly add more buttermilk and it taste exactly the same. It is not that the taste was bad at all (it was really good) but I would prefer if something is called Banana bread for it to taste like them. The structure of the bread is really nice. I probably should have tried making some bananas foster and topping a slice of bread with it for dessert… maybe I will with the leftovers. Better luck next time I guess.

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