A Different Kind of Smore

We spent a weekend in Tahoe a short while ago. Michael’s Aunt and Uncle have a cabin on lakefront property and we try and visit once a year. It is always nice to escape the city, be still and sit in silence. Sometimes I think we all fill our heads with too much – tv iPods radio traffic office buzz – that we don’t spend enough time in silence. I try to practice silence but it usually comes to an abrupt end when the guy in the apartment above ours begins his Accordion practice. yes, this is true. We had a nice time hiking, sitting around doing nothing, and eating. I think we had enough food for at least 8 people that weekend – twice as much as needed.
We started our weekend off with a giant serving of lasagna with some magnificent french style bread. Then we had brownies for dessert with some rocky road ice cream we were asked to help finish. Saturday morning we had french toast with strawberries and breakfast sausage, lunch was summer squash soup with grilled cheese on tomato bread, dinner turkey burgers and roasted potatoes. Good thing we went hiking in the midst of all of this. Unfortunately we couldn’t increase our bounty of food with a fish. There didn’t seem to be any fish in this lake… at least none that like our bait.

Michael and Jay burned some energy painting with light while Emily and I did the exact opposite and sat around the fire and drank wine. Somewhere in here someone mentioned making smores with the leftover brownies. I decided to try the first. It was quite delicious and completely overfilling. I will most likely stick to the original with chocolate if I make them again but it was a fun experiment with leftovers.

Our brownie-smores weren’t the only thing that increased our waist line that weekend, Emily made some killer chocolate cookies that were irresistible and we had another great feast Sunday. It was a great weekend. Thanks again Joy & Ed for letting us use the cabin! Pinkies Up!

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