Thanksgiving Ideas

Hopefully all of you have already planned your thanksgiving dinners, but if you are attempting to find one more thing to make I have some ideas. Well, not quite ideas, but great direction. On my daily blog search I have come across a few good resources for you. Some are more informational, some are recipes, but they have one thing in common…. they all look delicious. I’m looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with close friends – great food and wine as well.

Photo: Pioneer Woman, Turkey
Will you be able to master all of the foods you can’t live without! Good Luck!
Trust the Pioneer Woman and her schedule for cooking and if you like to brine your turkey you might want to start soon!
For all of your Pumpkin cravings…. I think this guy might like pumpkin more than me (if that is possible) and he has some Thanksgiving ideas as well…
and Smitten Kitchen has some very non traditional ideas too.

Photo: Smitten Kitchen, Brussel Sprouts and Chestnuts in brown butter

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