Easy Bake cOven – Bob’s Croissant

For the month of February, one of our members chose to make Croissants from scratch. I was kind of disappointed – mostly because I made puff pastry once before and it was so so. The vous al vents turned out well, but spending the entire day in the kitchen was not my idea of fun (unless it involved cakes). I like to say that puff pastry is something everyone should try at least once (maybe to gain a higher appreciation of the product) and once is definitely enough.

Instead of making the croissants again, I decided to do a little write up about my favorite croissant in the city. Thanks to a friend and her love for anything french – I tried a croissant from Bob’s Donuts. This is not your typical donut shop – they are open most of the 24 hour day, tempting you with their giant window display of fresh baked delicacies. They don’t stop making donuts after 8am, they keep on going into the night to catch the tipsy folks traveling down Polk after the bars close. It is quite heavenly.
I’m not partial to any specific donut. I don’t eat them often (more a guilty pleasure) but understand why some people can’t resist. It’s good we don’t live closer. The croissant they sell is super cheap, as big as half your face, and more flakey and buttery than I can ever imagine perfecting myself. M said they taste heavenly. I agree. What can be better (but not better for you?) to indulge in once every few months.
I don’t feel so bad that I didn’t make them – and am very proud of those who did. Next time I need a croissant fix, I’ll make my way up 6 blocks to Bob’s. Just look at those flakey layers….

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