Happy Anniversary Mom & Dan

One year ago today my mom got married. The week of rain parted to make way for a sweet, small ceremony in one of her new relative’s backyards. I had fun, especially since you don’t necessarily get to plan your mom’s wedding! So, given this great power (insert maniacal laugh) my sister and I had a great time, and I couldn’t resist making her cake! I had big aspirations of baking it all in advance and carrying-it-on the plane. My mom thought is was sweet but illogical. She was right of course, and my sister got to help. In the midst of baking cakes, cutting and gluing invites (thanks Michael), making bouquets (thanks Lauren), we somehow managed to make three charming wedding cakes! (and not without the great frosting help of Kim!). Why is it that planning a do-it-yourself style wedding always seems so easy to start but makes you a little crazy the day of? Well, it turned out beautifully. My mom a beautiful bride, and Dan a lovely groom. Congrats on your one year, and wishing many more to come.

Wedding Photos By Michael Townsend


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