Alfajores need You!

A friend and previous client of mine is an amazing baker with the sweetest personality. She makes the best Alfajores I’ve ever had locally in Oakland, California. If you’ve never had one I suggest you try one soon. Andrea has mastered her Argentinean grandmother’s recipe and has been selling her cookies to local coffee shops and other retail establishments (like Whole Foods!) for the past year and a half. Recently, her company has grown and the demand is so high she needs a chocolate enrober for her Oakland bakery. Currently, she makes all her cookies by hand and coats each Alfajor in chocolate by hand. The chocolate process is quite messy and they loose a lot of good quality chocolate in the process. The chocolate enrober ensures each cookie is coated perfectly and captures the excess to reuse. She created a Kickstarter Campaign and at almost every level of donation, you get Alfajores in return. They are definitely worth the donations. Hand-Made and fabulous, you’ll probably be addicted to these sandwich cookies at first bite. Trust me, you really want Andrea to succeed in this campaign! And I must mention that you can get some of these beauties gluten free!

Here is a little snippet from her Kickstarter site.

What are Alfajores???

Alfajores (pronounced “Al-fah-HOR-es”) are scrumptious traditional Argentinean pastries made of two shortbread-like cookies joined with dulce de leche. Alfajores are a daily treat in South America and introducing this unique flavor to my new home is very exciting!

Buenos Aires Alfajores is a dream come true. We simply love making alfajores. A spoon full of dulce de leche combined with two cookies makes us jump for joy!

Our alfajores are handmade in small batches with lots of love in a commercial kitchen in Oakland, California ~ home. We are committed to using only all-natural, high quality ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives: Guittard dark chocolate, Clover cage-free eggs and butter without rBST…We are proud to be part of Oakland’s local food movement and are committed to supporting local vendors.

How you can help us…

Our business is growing and we need to keep up with demand.  Alfajores are very labor intensive. We now hand-coat each alfajor. You should see the chocolate on our faces after a few hours of dipping alfajores in chocolate and using a reverse vacuum to blow off the excess! We end up wasting lots of chocolate  – a tragedy.

We can’t wait to share our wonderful, high quality, home grown, delicious alfajores with the whole world.  However, we can’t meet demand with our current manual processes and we can’t buy the fancy equipment from profits when our production is so low!  We need your help!!!

If’ you’re feeling generous this Holiday Season, I hope you consider donating to Andrea’s Kickstarter Campaign. There are only 16 days left and they are only 27% funded. Check it out and be sure to watch the video. You’ll get to know a little more about Andrea, what Alfajores are, and how you can help make her dreams come true!

Ps. My favorite are the chocolate covered Alfajores. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be ordering mostly chocolate in the three boxes I get if she succeeds! If you’re lucky I’ll share with you, but don’t count on it… go out and get your own!


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