breathe, then eat a good meal

Take a deep breath in and just when you think you can’t hold any more air in your lungs, breathe in a little deeper. Let your breath resonate here for a few seconds feeling your breath through your whole body, then exhale on a hmmm. Hear your breath. Let it remind you that your’re alive and…. Most yoga classes begin with a collective breath which some people really get in to. I’m more of a just breathe-your-air-out-in-a-normal-way-kinda-gal but there are some people who take this breathing thing as an opportunity to pretend like lions or people missing their teeth (the lip flutter breath)  and it’s really hard for me to hold in the giggles. Today I felt that breath go. I just finished another ARE exam. I’m 5/8’s of an architect if I pass. If I were in a state other than California I’d be 5/7 but we have those pesky earthquakes to deal with.

Michael welcomed me back to reality when I got home. It’s always a little rough during the last two weeks before the exam. Take-out, piles of laundry (clean laundry too!), and hours sitting at the kitchen table reading and clicking because we are tested on design too. For the one who isn’t taking the test, you get really bored and probably spend too much time on the internet or watching tv. Michael is a designer-soon-to-be-architect like myself. We haven’t actually tried to take one at the same time because I can’t imagine who would make dinner or tell your encouraging words you need to hear. So today I wave hello once again to normalcy.

Skip ahead in time since today is Easter Sunday (wrote that part yesterday)

Since things will be normal again, I made a list of things I wanted to do. First on the list is a Springerle practice run. Then I’m going to channel Martha while I sew new curtains for the whole apartment, paint our bedroom, fix the shower, and spend some time in the garden. Ambitious yes, impossible no.

Yesterday may have been one of the most indulgent post-exam days I’ve had. I decided to get a massage after my test and we made dinner reservations early in the week at Local’s Corner. A newish restaurant that I highly recommend. They make amazing fish and veggies. No other meat dishes which Michael and I both really appreciated. There aren’t many restaurants like it here in SF. Usually people are trying to please a large crowd by offering one of each (steak, pork, chicken etc) and I really hope they make it. Their cooking style reminded us of Chef Spencer who cooked a dinner party for my birthday last year. I think they could be good friends – or maybe they were in culinary school…. We wandered over to Humphry Slocombe after dinner for the most wonderful and unusual flavors of ice cream you can imagine. I can’t believe we had not made it here in the 7 years we’ve been in the city but I’m glad we finally did! They beat Bi-Rite hands down (in my opinion) and probably Swensen’s too but I still hold them dear to my heart. If you haven’t guessed yet, I really love ice cream! We had three scoops: Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt, Secret Breakfast (Bourbon + Corn Flakes), Elvis the Fat Years (banana with Bacon Peanut Brittle). All three were amazing and the Secret Breakfast really packed a punch. Good inspiration for my next few batches of ice cream – in between house projects that is. It’s strange thing when the Townsend household has absolutely dessert anywhere to be found, but I’m planning fixing this asap. Happy Easter and a reminder that when you feel overwhelmed, it will only last a short time.


Sunset last night just outside the restaurant – rainbows behind us


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