When pregnant, especially in the early weeks, most people try and keep it a secret and for good reason. You never know what can happen in those first precious months of creating a life. We didn’t end up telling anyone until we passed the 10 week mark and in those 10 weeks I avoided quite a few happy hours and other ‘drinking centered activities’. It actually wasn’t that hard or that bad, it would have just been an immediate clue to all of our friends that we were pregnant. The few times we did go out to dinner I think at least one of our friends figured it out…. which is why I think everyone should know a few Mocktail recipes!

Mocktails are just a fun word for virgin ‘cocktails’ and hopefully a little more creative than just leaving out the ingredient that makes an alcoholic beverage what it is. You’ll have to order from the bartender to keep it a total surprise, but hopefully your partner can help with this! It’s a fun item for non-drinkers and may send you to the grocery store craving something besides lemonade on a hot day.

Now, so you don’t have any misconceptions, I’m no heavy drinker. I do love a glass of wine with dinner, and it’s what I’ve missed most. This is the product of living an hour and a half away from wine country for eight years of life and having a fairly large collection of good wine. It’s just sitting in the cabinet waiting with me for a few more weeks. Michael is also excited to break out the bottles again because a good bottle of wine should be shared and appreciated by more than one person. I also enjoy a handful of tequila drinks and thank my Meemaw for a love of vodka (not gin) gimlets, a favorite old lady drink of mine. Because I’m weirdly in love with grapefruits I also enjoy Greyhounds, Salty Dogs (a greyhound with a salted rim) and the drink you should really order instead of a margarita when you go to Mexico, the Paloma.

We hosted a dinner at our new place recently and invited a few of Michael’s co-workers (hopefully we get to call them new friends) and old friends from college. Since there were two pregnant ladies, we requested someone bring a non-alcoholic beverage to share and oh my was it delicious. A mix of fresh squeezed lime juice, homemade simple syrup and sparkling water. It’s basically a fresh sparkling limeade but also reminds me of drinking a margarita. Tart and delicious, I will probably keep making these long beyond pregnancy. They would be a perfect addition to any summer BBQ.

Sparkling Limeade

And then there is the grapefruit obsession again. I frequently have grapefruit juice on hand. I like that it’s not as sweet as orange juice or apple juice which may surprise you since I have a major sweet tooth (or a full set of sweet pearly whites). If we were going out for drinks and I knew the bar had fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (thank you San Francisco for meeting all expectations in cocktail making) I’d just order a juice. Sometimes it was about the same price as a cheap well drink but what did I care? It was delicious and made me happier than just drinking water all of the time. In honor of my love for grapefruit and Palomas, I made this Mocktail to share.

grapefruit fizz

There really is no limit when it comes to inventing a new drink. Make your own simple syrups, muddle up some fresh fruit and create something great. Now, go out and enjoy a fresh sparkling beverage whether you’re pregnant or not.





One thought on “Mocktails

  1. Your such a inspiration to all pregnant mom’s and mom’s to be! I love that you mentioned your Meemaw and her vodka gimlets. You spoke of it being an old lady drink. Well. I hope to never get old because I also enjoy a vodka gimlet whenever the opportunity arises. May this tradition continue through the eyes of both my girls. Love you, Mom

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