I fell in love with baking at an early age. My mom let my sister and I eat raw cookie dough and lick cake batter from bowls all too often (as every good mom should). A fondness for sugar and chocolate was only the beginning. Slowly it transformed into an art; an escape from stress, a challenge, a gift to share. I find immense joy baking things for others.

I believe sharing your gifts and passions with others is a way to grow and connect. I started this blog to do just that. I’m married to a wonderful man, Michael, who has shown me love for over a decade. We are venturing into a new phase of life and adding a little baby to mix. We lived in San Francisco during our 20’s and moved back to the midwest to Chicago to raise kids closer to our extended family now that we’ve entered our 30’s. I hope you enjoy hearing about our life and sharing in our joys through words and photos. Michael is an avid photographer and with practice, I’ve learned to take some good food photos along the way.

I hope you enjoy browsing here, and I promise to make every effort to share some great recipes.

The Lovely Lady Baker




One thought on “About

  1. Hi Christina
    I was just having a look at the Easy Bake cOven blog and thinking wistfully how much I enjoyed it, even if I wasn’t a great contributor.
    Do you think you might reactivate it?
    Hope you are going well

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